Tall Stacks Abstract, LLC combines today's technology with our many years of experience (all of our employees have at least 10 years) to deliver fast, accurate and easy to understand title abstracts.

Our prices are competitive and our service is second to none! Our abstractors specialize in the counties they cover and have a thorough working knowledge of each to guarantee accurate information.

Unlike some abstract companies, we never send you cryptic handwriten abstracts. We customize our reports to provide you the information and documentation that fits your specific needs.

Easy online ordering and choice of emailed or faxed abstracts means you get what you need, when and how you need it. Of course we carry E&O insurance, should you require a copy, please send us an email request and we will forward our coverage on to you.

Click on the Area link in the table below to see the fee for the subject property by county.

Click on the type of service in the table below to see what information and documentation is provided for each of the service levels we offer.

County Current Owner 2 Owner/10 yr 40 to 60 years
Area 1 $50 $70 $90
Area 2 $60 $80 $100

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